At the heart of our doors

Our manufacturing machinery and processes have been at the heart of our product development and a key element in the quality of the final product. Our skilled craftsmen, utilizing best methods develop a door specifically for your home that will stand the test of time.


Timber supplied by vendors is passed through quality checks and treated to make them termite, Borer and Fungi resistant.

Kiln Seasoning

Wood is moved into Kilns to reduce moisture content.

Frame Work

Treated & seasoned wood is ripped along the grains with the help of a powerful ripping machine into many pieces of the same precise thickness and placed edge to edge within a frame.

Hydraulic Pressing

The frame is sandwiched between veneers & glued under high pressure to form a blockboard. This is used to make the door.


The pressed door with the frame is passed through cutters to be plained on all four sides. This ensures the same accurate dimensions throughout the entire production batch.

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