ELEGANT Moulded Panel Doors are manufactured in line with Masonite International Corporation USA, the world's No.1 producer of door skins. These doors are of the highest possible quality and are available in an extensive choice of ELEGANT panels which speak stark performance, ELEGANT also presents a wide variety of Moulded Panel Doors made from skins supplied by Masonite Components, Malaysia. both these panel doors are environmental supporting and cause an air of eco friendliness wherever they are used.

ELEGANT Moulded Panel Doors are offered with different core material choices such as Solid Timber Core and Tubular Core from Sauerland Spanlatte, Germany, and other imported particle boards. The materials used are fortified and chemically bonded with requisite additives conforming to IS standards to enable them sustain weathering and ensuring long durability and strength. These are then used for creating a wide range of sizes, thickness, heights, textures and designs.

The skins of Masonite Corporation imbibe a premier sense and embed a visually appealing feel of elegance to these panel doors. ELEGANT Moulded Panel Doors speak of finesse par excellence and portray an image of perfection to any home or office they are used in.


  • Shock and abrasion resistant HDF skin
  • Natural wood grain texture which can be stained or painted.
  • Dimensionally stable core signifying enhanced strength and extra durability.
  • Chemically treated to resist borer and termite attack.
  • Kiln dried to resist moisture and warping.
  • Manufactured to suit local climates and Ready to fix doors.

Available sizes

Height : 78" to 84"

Width : 26" to 40"

Thickness : 32, 35, 38 & 40 mm

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